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Make a real difference in your business with CYSEC Academy
Provide top-of-the-line training developed by premier data security firms. All of this may be found at the Cysec Academy for Business.
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CYSEC Academy is a global online learning platform that provides individuals and world-class corporations with access to online courses from anywhere in the world.

Enterprise & Corporate Training & Certification

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Eliminate your weakest links through our bundled learning subscription

Now more than ever before, companies and organisations are being targeted by cyber criminals who are taking advantage of knowledge gaps within your workforce. Their task is made easier if you have a diverse and multi-disciplinary team with different awareness levels of security pitfalls and loopholes. CYSEC Academy Delivers the best  

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Our learning subscription gives you access to all our courses, bundled together

Thus, you can choose exactly which courses you need to help your staff members support your data security efforts. All of our content is available on demand, in bite sized tales, and is mobile compatible, we’ve got you covered. And we will offer you the bundle of your choice at a significant discount on the regular fee.


In other words, you have control over our training courses and bundles:

You have all the control to choose for your organization

1. YOU choose the courses that benefit your team.
2. YOU choose the number of user licences you need.
3. YOU assign the courses to the team members you choose, whenever they need them

How the learning subscription works:

1. Take a look at our complete offering of self-paced on-demand courses.
2. Compare our courses with the training needs of your staff.
3. Subscribe to a total of 10, 20, or more licences for one or more courses.
4. Distribute the vouchers you will receive from us to any member of your staff, whenever you feel it is needed.

Discount Rates

User licences are valid for 12 months from the date of your CYSECNG vouchers.

Learn more about what you can do by looking at the following resources:

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  • Create workforce that is data-driven and digitally savvy.